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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Those Starlings Again

It was a very laid-back day. I always have trouble recovering from the paper route. The best I have to offer is one of those conglomerations of starlings in the yard.

When they flock together there are so many it's almost like an insect infestation. They just move constantly and squeak and twitter. It's a little eerie. I fact, I find them creepier than crows or vultures. They all landed in the yard.


Then, of course, they flew off- still too quickly for the camera to focus. But, even so, it's a murmuration, even if blurry!


See Birds in Flight

See On the Wing
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Unknown said...

The blurriness makes them look really sinister, so your pic backs up your text. Clever.

vanilla said...

I don't find a murmuration of starlings to be creepy so much as simply annoying. Hate it when they choose a tree in our yard for roost.

Secondary Roads said...

I like the insect analogy. When they land on my yard, it seems that way to me too.

rainfield61 said...

Some noisy birds.

Ann said...

Ah the starlings, where there is one there are tons. Why is it that they always come together in large flocks? Now I'm curious

M.Hilton said...

oh wow - what a neat picture! I bet those are really noisy!

thanks for the comment today - i've heard awesome things about horseback riding and am always impressed at the surprising benefits but we've never tried it. send it along if you run across it again!

have a great week! :)

Reena said...

Great capture!

Sharkbytes said...

jakill- not clever of me! It's just what the camera caught in the one second I had.

vanilla- well, they are THAT, too

Chuck- we often think along the same lines

rainfield- they are indeed- and not musical at all

Ann- they mostly flock when it's time to migrate

Hi Meredith! Thanks for visiting. It was on FB, but now I can't find it. Hopefully I'll see it again.

Hi Reena- focus would be better, but at least there are a bunch of them against the sky

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