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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fun-R-Us and Fungus

Today was our monthly hike, and it was our event for North Country National Scenic Trail Day. Twelve of us got together for a hike and a picnic.


Don't know how far we walked- we just went outbound till we'd had half enough and then turned around. The hike was on the North Country Trail.

Somehow, food magically appeared from everywhere (it was a potluck), and we ate wonderful things like veggie pizza, fresh fruit, little hors d'oeuvre, ham sandwiches, homemade tomato/basil/garlic salsa stuff with toast squares, and chocolate.


Most of the oohs and aahs of the day were over small mushroom/fungus finds. I like to identify them, but I know rainfield will tell us their magical stories.

This is the very poisonous yellow patches, Amanita flavorubescens

yellow patches

This is white coral jelly, Tremella reticulata, I'm pretty sure. Although it looks more like crowned clavaria, it's really related to the witches' butter. I think those very blunt tips of the "fingers" are the key to the ID.

white coral jelly

We also saw some purple mushrooms, that will remain a mystery for now. Maybe another day!

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Ann said...

All that food sounds really good. I like how you hiked till you'd had half enough :)

rainfield61 said...

Oh, you have sugar topped mushrooms.

They should taste very sweet.

Not good for health.

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