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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Island Lake- No Sun

I drove back past Island Lake, the rather boggy lake I discovered last month, and even with no sun it was beautiful in a November sort of way.

Island Lake

There's something about the way the vegetation and the water weave in and out that appeals to me.

Island Lake

And in a backwater on the south side I found a whole stand of Tamarack, also called Larch. These are one of the few conifers that drop all their needles for the winter. They offer a little late season gold to the landscape.


It's needles are very short and hug the stems in little bunches.


The rain didn't catch me, I voted, and I found all but one of my cases. We just won't mention the flat tire.

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Loritenor said... for the flat tire......

Anonymous said...

Yep. Some of my best views come across Island Lake. Go by at least twice a day, sometimes 4, and occasionally 6! Sunsets are better than sunrises, but it's always picturesque. Only a few miles from the Ville, supt could always make time to help with a tire! Love and LIVE in BEAVER Twp.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Michael- I realized as I was driving today that you probably drove that way to get to school. The tire was earlier, but thanks!

Ratty said...

All of that water makes me miss Michigan right now. Michigan is one of the best places for nature.

Ann said...

pretty views. In looking at that one picture I would have though those were yellow leaves on the tree instead of needles.

vanilla said...

Into each life some aggravation must occur, I suppose. Sorry about the tire business.

Secondary Roads said...

Sure does look gloomy. But hey! The sun is out today and the farmers are very active.

Dad always called them larch trees. I never could figure out what a tamarack is. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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