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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oh Tulip Tree, Wherefore Art Thou?

Look at the size of this leaf! The maple leaves with it are ordinary 3-4 inch wide leaves.

tulip tree leaf

Usually, leaves from the tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera, would be about the same size as the maple leaves.

I found this in a lawn. Looked all over the neighborhood for the tulip tree. Could I find it? Nope. But I'll know where to look next spring.

See The Tulip Tree
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Ann said...

that's a huge leaf. I've seen some of those in the back parking lot at work but have no idea where the tree is that they come off of

rainfield61 said...

Big trees, small trees.

Big leaves, small leaves.

An existence of comparison.

Secondary Roads said...

That leaf is a monster.

Lin said...

We used to get these HUGE leaves in our yard...before we had the addition. That wind tunnel sucked in every leaf for miles. I have no idea where those big leaves would come from, but they could not be raked, would not breakdown in winter, and were hell to get rid of! I wonder if they were tulip trees???

vanilla said...

The tulip trees are bare now, but I can find them, because I know where they live. That is a big leaf. We have two catalpa trees in our yard, and as Lin suggested, those leaves cannot be raked-- too ginormous. One can best hope they blow to someone else's yard?

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