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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Writing and Chilling

I'm still trying to shake this crud. Maybe getting close. I was actually hungry this afternoon. I spent the day writing for the sites I've recently discovered. All are owned by the same two women, and I'm hopeful for some serious income from content writing. Meanwhile, just enjoy one last bush that was trying to postpone the inevitable change to winter.

autumn bush

If you like to write content and be paid check out Daily Two Cents and Writedge.

Don't forget the contest!

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Ann said...

aside from the crud it sounds like a nice day

Unknown said...

Hope you are really better soon, Joan.

Secondary Roads said...

Never give up.
No, never give up.
Never, ever give up.

I also have the crud. Sylvia is just getting over it.

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better real soon.
Thanks for sharing the great links.

Lin said...

The bush is putting up a great fight...and a colorful one at that! I sure hope you feel better soon, Shark! I see CHuck and Sylvia have it too? :( Poor friends. I wish everyone well and quick!

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