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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Beauty is in the Details

For today, forget the devilish details and share in the beautiful ones. Two are from Saturday and two from today just on a walk out back.

Saturday morning was chilly, and many puddles had an icy crust, almost growing crystals

ice crystals

These are angel wings, I think. No, really, I think they are angel wing fungus, Pleurotus porrigens. They seemed to want to fly away with that log.

angel wings fungus

The curl of a thread pulling away from the leaf of a Yucca can never decide which direction it should travel.

yucca leaf

And this stump always fascinates me. How long ago must the tree have been damaged to develop that ingrown curl of outer bark?

tree stump with curled bark

Tomorrow is a work day as well as election day. I'm tired, and I know what to do about that!

See Ice on the Pine
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Lin said...

It's amazing the beauty you find when you just stop and look at things. I like that you notice stuff too.

Ann said...

You sure found some interesting things. Love the picture of the Yucca leaf.

vanilla said...

You truly have an eye for the interesting detail that I, for one, would probably miss.

Secondary Roads said...

We had a silver maple removed this fall. It had been growing in front of the kitchen window. The stump of it looked a lot like your final pic. (We didn't want it falling into the kitchen on a stormy night.)

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