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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So Far So Good

This wasn't what I was going to post, but right now I can't access my pictures, so I'll just tell you that I'm thankful for small favors. To be specific, that I actually have the pictures from the last few months.

I was backing up my SD camera card, in preparation for leaving on a trip tomorrow (that's the real news), and the card wouldn't read. Hmmm. Card or reader?

The readers are notoriously finicky, but I hadn't had trouble with the one built into the computer. I went and grabbed one of my old ones. It read it a couple of times but then crapped out when I tried to move files.

The only one that would read it is my oldest and slowest card reader. See, it pays to be a packrat.

I'm currently copying all the files to my external hard drive. So far I got October, November and December. It's working on January.

Of course, the irony is that this SD card is supposed to be a high-speed card. I didn't necessarily want that, but it was the only kind I could find at the time I bought it. Is "better" always better? Not. Anyway... OK... I got January. And now February.

That was a job I wasn't planning to do tonight! We'll have to be content with a nice pre-sunset taken today as I left handbell practice.


Here's the real news. I'm leaving after work tomorrow for the trip east which includes the Philadelphia Flower Show. Stay tuned!

Guess I'll add a new SD card to my final shopping list.

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Secondary Roads said...

A flower show (particularly that one) seems like a good way to get ready for spring.

Ann Thompson said...

Glad you didn't lose all those pictures.
Enjoy the flower show and have a safe trip.

Lin said...

Oh, I love your photos from the flower show. Have fun! Don't get snowed in out there.

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