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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Uninspired and tired... I'm at level 145 in the TrainStation game. WastingSpending too much time playing. Anyway, I had to get something off my external hard drive, so I looked in folder 1. It had 4+ folders, and that had 5+ pictures. 1-4-5 is pretty funny, and it ties in nicely with the post about the house I grew up in, which is in the background. This is me, on the first day of 10th grade, in 1962.


Have a laugh and wish me a good night's sleep.

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jeanlivingsimple said...

Like seeing your past. You was a cutie. :)

Ratty said...

I always like looking into the past. some things seem like such a long time ago, yet they seem like they were just yesterday.

Secondary Roads said...

Love that porch! Hope you slept well.

vanilla said...

Not laughing. '62? Hope you had a good night's rest.

Ann Thompson said...

1962 was a good year for me :) Not laughing one bit, it's fun to take a look back in time

Lin said...

Aw, you are adorable! I'm not laughing at all.

RNSANE said...

As always, I am forever late in catching up on your posts but I don't want to miss them altogether. Love your 10th grade photo!!!!

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