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Thursday, February 19, 2015

It Just Keeps Coming

Had to drive about 100 miles today. Fortunately only on main roads, but even those looked about like the back roads from yesterday! This is the main east-west road.

snowy highway

Watch out! Here comes the plow.

snow plow

Everything looked like a powdered sugar fairyland! Couldn't really stop to take pictures since the shoulders weren't plowed. I just pointed the camera through the windshield, and then looked to see what I got later on. Nothing great, but you can get the idea.

snow covered trees

snow covered trees

snow covered trees

It's been a long, long day. None of the machinery worked well this afternoon and I'm headed for a nice long nap.

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Secondary Roads said...

Snow is beautiful--if you don't have to remove it or go out and drive through it.

Ann said...

That's a lot of miles to travel on snowy roads. I hate winter driving. I passed a snowplow the other day and it was a little too close for comfort.

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