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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Three Sisters

This is sort of an introduction to a topic I'll be sure to bring up again.

These three sand dunes between Bass Lake and Lake Michigan, near Pentwater, are known as the "Three Sisters." They even have names, but I'll have to be reminded of them by Ellen. That's why I know you'll hear about them again.

They do show up nicely in winter. That's frozen Bass Lake in the middle, where I often go kayaking with Ellen.

Three Sisters

Maybe I can even find out how they got the names.

I spent a lot of today working on two projects I can't share yet. You'll see one of them later in the week, though. I promise.

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Ratty said...

I'm looking forward to more on this topic. I hope you're able to find out how the Three Sisters got the name.

Ann said...

It'll be interesting to hear more about the sisters and how they got their names.
It made for a pretty picture

vanilla said...

Wonderful picture, a study in grey. But look! Through yon clouds light breaks.

Secondary Roads said...

Looks so peaceful.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

I often wonder how land marks and areas get names.

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