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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Everything's Coming Up_____________

Yesterday I was a complete zombie. Couldn't even concentrate on playing my game. So today, I got up early to be ready to go on a mini-adventure (not the one with the trailer).

See, I even have a sunrise as proof.


Meanwhile, those small bright things that hold still are popping up everywhere!

Everything's coming up...daffodils


and... snowdrops


and... glory-of-the-snow


and... primroses


and... crocuses!


None of them in my yard, but that's ok. I can enjoy them wherever they grow.

I am meeting Dan and Ruth right after lunch and hiking with them today and tomorrow as they resume their quest to section-hike the North Country Trail. (They are hiking not too far from here.)

I won't even try to post anything tonight, so I'll see you tomorrow. Hopefully with some interesting pictures.

See Rock Garden Remnants
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Ann Thompson said...

enjoy your min adventure. Nice to see flowers finally coming up

vanilla said...

Bee yoo tee full!

Secondary Roads said...

Thanks. We have some glory-of-the-snow growing on the south side of our barn. I didn't know what it is called.

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