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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


OK, here's where I go out on a limb again trying to learn a few lichen. Pretty sure this is the correct genus, which really just means "yellow thing." This log is covered with it.


So that let me rule out the one that mostly grows on stone.

It may be Xanthoria fallax, orange tree-trunk lichen. Don't you love technical names? Some of the lobes are large and flabby.


Some have curled up edges. If I've IDed it correctly the soredia (granules of an algae body wrapped in a fungal filament ready to start a new growth) appear under those curled edges.

It's white on the underside like it's supposed to be.


The book says that apothecia (structures that produce spores) are rare, so I'm not sure if these are just a different kind of lobe, or maybe in this great wet fall, it grew some.


At any rate, it's beauteous!

See Looking at Lichen
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Jen said...

You know, it is actually very beautiful.

Ann said...

it's quite interesting looking and a pretty color

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