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Sunday, May 28, 2017

First Shagway Vendor Event

Yesterday I participated in one of the monthly vendor events at the Shagway Arts Barn. I won't be doing any others this year because it's just too hard to do Saturday events after Friday nights at work. I have one other author event (at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts) planned for the summer, but that's IT.

This first picture was taken by Nancy Miller, the owner and genius behind the barn. I like it! I'm telling a potential customer about my books. There was good traffic all day long and I interacted with quite a few people. Made one sale.

Shagway Arts Barn Vendor Event

The weather was perfect, and here's what the vendor area looked like. You can see a guy in the foreground looking at a North Country Trail map.

Shagway Arts Barn Vendor Event

One of the booths was set up for people to paint pictures. All the equipment was provided and instruction if they desired. They got to take the picture home, of course. Here, two young artists take advantage of the opportunity.

Shagway Arts Barn Vendor Event

The inside of the barn, with the regular sales area, is looking really nice! Nancy said they actually did a pretty good business, too. She was pleased with their opening weekend of the season.

Shagway Arts Barn Vendor Event

All day long there was live music. In the morning, Alex Mendenall sang and played guitar. In the afternoon it was Cheryl Wolfram's turn. She's not really fenced in! Music is usually played from the balcony and people can sit outside under the trees to listen.

Shagway Arts Barn Vendor Event

Since I'd only had an hour of sleep, I fell asleep in my chair almost as soon as I got home. Woke up just enough to move to the bed and slept till 9 am! Today I've been chilling. Smell of rain through the open windows. Watching old Perry Mason shows. Knitting. Yes, the crochet bug has been overcome by the knitting worm. So I'm back to Michelle's socks for a while!

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Ann said...

I would have loved that. I can imagine how tired you were doing that after working Friday night. When we do a craft show I always take the Friday before off

Nancy Miller, Owner, Shagway Arts Barn said...

Nice pictures! Honored you made us one of your two shows! Thanks for the 'genius' comment...

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