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Saturday, May 13, 2017


Here's a spring lovely that I've encountered anywhere from Michigan to Alabama. In fact, it will grow even farther north and south than those states.

It's Goldenseal, Hydrastis canadensis. Yes, that's the same plant many herbal medicines are made from.

photo label

I think the most interesting thing about it is that the "flower" is made up stamens. No petals! I also like the wrinkly leaves.

With the addition of this picture to my Nature Photo Page, I've reached one of the goals that was on the silly list I posted last year. I now have 1000 photos there, mostly plants. Am I getting rich from the ad income? Ha! I make a few cents, but I hope some people find the pictures helpful.

Also, I caved in and installed a photo ID app for plants on my phone. I won't consider it as the most reliable source of information, but it could be one tool to help me learn and remember things. For example, I could not remember the correct name for this, and my favorite "quick and dirty" guide, Peterson's Wildflower Guide, doesn't include this plant for some strange reason. Took a while to ferret it out again.

In other news, I'm getting crafts ready to take to the Shagway Arts Barn tomorrow. They open at the end of the month. My books are already there.

See Blue-eyed Mary
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1 comment:

Ann said...

I like the wrinkly leaves on it too. You'll have to show us what crafts you took to the art barn.
Have a happy mother's day

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