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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Golden Ragwort

How about another "golden" plant today, Golden Ragwort. At least this one has the decency to actually have a golden flower.

It's pretty common. I see it every spring just about everywhere, but I like it anyway.

golden ragwort

One thing I particularly like is that the buds are a deep purple. You'd never guess that it was going to open up to be a yellow flower!

It's always been Senecio aureus. But Senecio was a huge genus... actually one of the largest there is. Genetic testing has separated the ragworts out and they are now Packera. But they may get changed again. I know you are just waiting with bated breath for the final decision. Not.

Anyway. It grows about a foot tall in wonderful puddles of gold.

golden ragwort

The leaves are also very distinctive, making it easy to recognize even if it's not in bloom. The lower leaves are oval to heart shaped, but deeply lobed, smaller ragged leaves work their way up the stalk.

golden ragwort

I'm still waiting to find tansy ragwort, on which the basal leaves are also finely cut and ragged. I may need to be closer to the Atlantic Ocean to see it.

Ann asked to see the crafts I'm taking to Shagway Art Barn. Maybe another day. It's a diverse pile of stuff.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

I can't resist a yellow flower. These are pretty.

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