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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Can Numitor Skip to Numenor?

OK, I'm just being silly with the title, but this little guy's name is Ancyloxpha numitor, and I need some way to help me remember. Of course, I can't think of anything that will help me with Ancyloxpha. I can't even find out what that means.

Anyway, this is the most common of the skipper butterflies, called least skipper or least skipperling. But it's not the one I got pictures of before. So this one is ordinary, but the picture is pretty good. I'll settle for that.

least skipper

Numitor?- a descendant of King Aeneas the Trojan, and grandfather of Romulus and Remus. Numenor?- one of Tolkein's mythical lands... probably an allusion to Atlantis.

Skippers are very small butterflies with big eyes, so it's pretty easy to say, "It's a skipper." But there are several thousand species if you want to get more specific. I'll be lucky to remember this common one. But it's not too hard. The underside is solid orange, and the top wing doesn't have as much of a point as other skippers. I had to look at quite a few pictures before I figured out what they were talking about, but now I get it.

Anyway, he's cute, and this seems to be a week for "bugs."

In other news, after I got my second wind after work, I packaged up a book order for 2 copies of North Country Cache, rode my bike to the post office, mowed the lawn (not by the road yet), went and got mower gas and stopped at the bank. The yard looks really nice from a distance. We won't talk about all the ground squirrel holes, the sprouting autumn olive, the broken aspen tree I can't trim by myself, the weeds and divots. I just plan to enjoy the cool greenness for now. Wonderful weather today. I'll take every cool summer day I can get.

mowed lawn

See Hesperiidae (another skipper)
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1 comment:

vanilla said...

Very nice insect pictures this week!

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