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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More Garden Fun

I have a few plants that struggle to survive among the weeds in my flower beds. I'd like to think I'm a gardener, but actually, I do a pretty poor job. These seem to survive anyway.

First is one of the big surprises and delights of my gardening life. This Japanese Painted Fern should not really be happy where it is, and I can usually kill anything I pay real money for quite quickly. However, this continues to grow and thrive. I love it.

Japanese Painted Fern

This little common primrose is doing well too. It's past its prime for this year, but it's pretty happy. I've killed a lot of these, but maybe this one likes me better. It was a gift from Loretta.


The safest things for me are freebies. Someone threw out this white deadnettle (Lamium) in the cemetery. It came home with me. There are white flowers, but the leaves are the best feature.

white lamium

Another freebie was a gift from Ester, this dwarf Solomon's seal. It's REALLY happy and spreading like wildfire. That's good. I can always move some to another spot if it gets too aggressive.

dwarf Solomon's seal

Finally, one more that I paid money for. This is 'Cathedral Windows' Heuchera (coral bells). Again the leaves are the interesting feature. It's holding its own... could be happier.

Cathedral Windows heuchera

The one tragedy of the year is that apparently my 'Northern Exposure' hosta is really dead. The deer chewed it down last year and it hasn't come back. Darn. I really liked that one, and paid money for it, of course. Back when I had more income I was letting myself buy one hosta and one heuchera a year. I had dreams of a lovely shade garden. Ha.

Well, back to preparing hike food for the weekend. Stay tuned.

See A Lovely Hosta Garden (not mine)
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1 comment:

Secondary Roads said...

Lovely garden. A nice mix of interesting plants.

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