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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Two Birdbaths, No Birds

Got some more pictures of the teasel that grows on my easiest roadwalk today. Turns out it's also cut-leaf teasel, the same as the really, really lacy one I saw in Ohio last year. But the point is, the leaves also form cups around the stems which collect water. Look closely, they are very full of water. I was thinking these might make a great place to find a drink on a dry hike, or for a bird to get a bath. But I didn't see any birds hanging around.

cut leaf teasel

Interestingly enough, one study suggests that when insects die in these pools of water those teasel plants grow better. This suggests some sort of carnivorous activity!

Just a reminder of what the whole plant looks like.

cut leaf teasel
I got out my birdbath that was a selfie birthday present three years ago. Here's a joke. I still really like it, but to my knowledge no bird has ever set foot on the rim, in the water, or even beside it to investigate. Ah well. I try.


We had to stop feeding the birds because the squirrel became such a problem. The red squirrel moved on, but now we have a fox squirrel living nearby. The birds have been coming to see if there was food this year. Nope. But there is water. Do they care? Apparently not.

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Ann said...

Even if the birds don't use it it's a cute birdbath

Lin said...

Try putting a couple of flat rocks in there. It may be too deep for them and they won't use it then. It's not an uncommon problem with birdbaths. It is hard to find the right mix of cute and function.