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Friday, June 9, 2017

Weekend Hike Prep- Shamu is Packed

Packing my gear for any hiking trip is pretty easy. Over the 25 years I've been doing this I've developed a 5-page checklist with everything I might want for any type of trip on it. (Backpacking, car camping, bike camping.) I just pull out the list and go through it item by item, making choices. It has room to check off 7 hikes with what I took, and when I get home I check off what I actually used. When it's full, I update the list and print a new copy. I have a file folder almost 2 inches thick filled with former copies.

Anyway, except for the sleeping bag and pad, and my sandals which are already clipped to Shamu (the pack), and the food which you saw yesterday, here's the entire pile.

hiking gear

Since we'll only be out 2 days I'm willing to leave out a few things I'd never go without on a longer hike. That said, I could shave a few ounces off this pile if I were willing to repackage a couple of things. But I'm not going to bother for less than a half pound.

This will be the maiden trek for the Copper Spur tent. I even remembered to move the gear loft from the old tent to this one.

It all fits in Shamu so nicely. Weighed it and the belt pack and camera. Total without food 33 pounds. This does include 2 full water bottles. Keep in mind that this includes some shared gear because there are two of us going. Sue says she can carry some of the food, but I could carry it all if need be. I'd still be under 37 pounds. I haven't heard from her as to what her pack weighs.

And she may have to carry Sophie occasionally. The pup usually walks 5 or 6 miles and then wants a lift for a little while before getting back down. That said, I may be in really good shape for some activities, but haven't backpacked since last fall. I told Sue we are going to rest often. There's no need to push things. That might also mean that Sophie walks more and hitches a ride less. Sue says she walked all of a 10 mile hike earlier this year.


Anyway... here's Shamu ready to go. One night of work, a good sleep, and we will be off. I probably won't be able to blog, but will try to post a pic or two on Facebook. I'm excited. Love backpacking!

See Weekend Hike Prep- Food is Done
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Ann said...

You've got the packing down to a science. Good idea with the record keeping for what you pack. Have a good time

The Furry Gnome said...

You're about the most organized hiker I know!

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