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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Smilin' In the Rain

Well, I'm not sure I was quite as happy as this wet spook, but the day turned out to be good in many ways.

Halloween decoration in the rain

The weather app said the rain would start in the evening, so I thought I'd get a little bit done on the trailer. A little bit is right! It started to rain right around noon, and I just barely got a tarp over the trailer before it began to pour.

Meanwhile, Nancy at the Shagway Arts Barn was looking for some extra help for the afternoon, so I decided I could get in a few of my volunteer hours (inside!).

Pumpkins in the rain.

pumpkins in the rain

Pins in the rain.

bowling pins in the rain

More smilin' in the rain.

Halloween decoration in the rain

Since it's supposed to pretty much rain all week, I'm thinking this will be one of the last fall color pictures, taken just before the rain.

autumn colors

And perhaps the most surprising color for October... blue. Morning glories in full glory, in the afternoon, in the rain.

morning glory

And there you have my day, except for the accountability.

Accountability report:
Worked on the trailer a tiny bit.
Got volunteer hours in at Shagway.
Thanks to a quiet afternoon with hardly anything to distract me, Dead Mule Swamp Druggist is now done through Chapter 50. Word count: 66,500 to date.
I'm smilin' too.

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Ann said...

That's a lot to smile about.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the help, Joan & the lovely pics!!

Secondary Roads said...

About 3 inches of rain here and more on the way. My body is not agreeable to this change in the weather. :(