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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Manistee National Forest Challenge Picnic

So the core group that's been hiking the Manistee National Forest this year decided to have a picnic to celebrate. Actually, we have one more hike next Sunday, but today was the only day that most everyone could make work.

picnic lunch

We met at the Big M warming shelter. Not that we needed to stay warm today, but there were huge swarms of Asian Ladybugs outside, so we didn't mind having us and the food inside.

picnic lunch

It was neat because we all got to talk with each other. On the hikes the faster people usually didn't see much of the slower ones, so this was nice.

picnic lunch

All the ski trails make nice hiking paths when there isn't snow. The leaves are barely starting to turn colors here yet.


After we ate, three of us stayed to take a little 4-mile walk. I did get to see a piece of one trail I hadn't been on before.


Miss Sophie was festive in a Halloween tutu!

dog in tutu

The group surprised me with a thank-you card and a very undeserved but appreciated gift for organizing the hikes!

thank you card

The weather was perfect, the friendships are sincere, the doggie kisses were great, and life is good.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Can a day get any better than that? Love the picture of Sophie in her costume

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