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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Birdbath Singularity

After all my watching and hoping and not ever seeing one single bird even inspect this bird bath, I had pretty much decided that they were afraid of the ceramic birds on the rim. I was ready to give it away, even though I like it a lot. In fact, it was a birthday present to myself a few years ago.

Then today (after 3 years), a house finch took a nice bath right while I was watching! Of course, all I could do was snap a quick, poor picture through the window and screen with my phone before she flew away. Her mate sat on the porch rail and observed, but he didn't get wet. Will this singular point of success make me keep the dish? Don't know yet.

bird bath

Later on, the whole landscape got a bath.


Got some things done on my list for the day. Not all. That will have to do for a Saturday.

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Ann said...

It's a cute birdbath. Glad the finch decided to give it a try

Lin said...

Hmmmm...maybe there are more doing this secretively. maybe the location is bad for major bath-taking.