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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Odd Spot and Wishbone

  This will complete the tour of my little stuffed animals for now. Today you get the "me" edition. Both of these dogs are ones I purchased myself.

The one on the left is a "Pound Puppy." These were made by Tonka in the 1980s, and for a limited time you could get one with a Burger King meal of some sort for an additional... something in the range of... a dollar. He has the genuine Pound Puppy logo. I actually found a couple of these for sale at an appreciated price. However, you'd have to sell a lot of them to actually make much money.

And this one is not for sale. I just like it. His name is Odd Spot. photo label photo label

The dog on the right, I'm sure you recognize. This is Wishbone, possibly the most famous Jack Russell terrier of all time. I purposely bought this because I like Wishbone. The PBS TV show was one of the most creative educational shows of all time for kids. The dog acted out classic literature (in case you somehow missed knowing about Wishbone). It was a real dog, and he would wear costumes and strike poses in various staged scenes with a voiceover. There were also modern day kids and the story was usually woven into a secondary plot. It was a very cute show. If you have no idea what I'm talking about just go to YouTube and search for Wishbone TV show.

When this toy was newer it would say, "Be like me; read a good book," when you squeezed its tummy. But whatever powered that voice loop has died. That makes me sad, but I suppose those kinds of things don't last.

So, today's stuffies are just for fun. But they each make me smile.

In other news: I did a lot of editing/formatting. Software issues- I finally solved othe problem, and then final tweaks and all the small changes that take forever. I did not make as much progress as I hoped, but at least I worked on it.

See Bear-y and Ears


Ann said...

I vaguely remember Wishbone. I do remember buying a pound puppy for my daughter though.

Lin said...

My kids LOVED Wishbone. It was a great show. We didn't have pound puppies, but we had some Beanie Babies. Remember when everyone was sure they were going to make a fortune on those things? Oh, when I think of the phases of "collectibles" we have been through the years. I'm glad we didn't get caught up in any of them.

Did you get a ton of snow? We did! 18+ inches over the 18+ we already had!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- Pound Puppies were sure a "thing" for a while

Lin- Yes, Beanie Babies were one of the way overblown collectibles! We did not get the big storm.

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