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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Bear-y and Ears

  I didn't do much of consequence today, so you get the next set of two stuffed animals. This is the "Marie" edition.

There was a time in my life that was very difficult. The whole premise of this blog- to find some quality moment in every day- directly grew out of those years. You can see a little more about that at What is My Quality Day?

The little teddy bear is named Bear-y- not very original. I didn't have enough emotional energy to be cute at the time. Marie spent several months with us. When she finally had to leave, she left me with this little bear for comfort. stuffed animals

The bassett hound also came from Marie, as a condolance after Chips died. See In Memory of Hoover Houdini Chips. He's actually part of a set of collectible hounds made by the Applause company. I don't think they ever really caught on like Beanie Babies did, but he's very cute.

One thing you can say this little collection of animals proves is that it doesn't take some expensive gift to show someone that you care. I don't know what Dismal Desmond's (link below) 1926 price was, but he was a gift for a child. I don't know if he was expensive at the time. He's the only one of these stuffies that may be worth anything beyond sentimental value now. As for the rest, I know they each cost, at the most, $6.00; some were less. And yet, they've brought me (and hopefully my mother) a lot of joy. There's only one more set of two to show you (and one more that I can't find- hopefully it will surface some day).

In other news: It was a low-key day. I did some editing, but mostly I read and watched old Perry Mason videos. Maybe I'll have more energy tomorrow.

See Dismal Desmond and Winky


Ann said...

Aren't these sweet. The memories they are stuffed with make them priceless.

Lin said...

I had no idea of your struggle and I am very glad that those dark days are over for you. How blessed you are to have Marie in your life and "Beary" to remind you of that!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I love that "stuffed with memories." Sounds like a title

Lin- I would probably not be here without Marie.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Stuffies!!!"

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