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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Happy Trails with Ben - Day 56

  I was getting excited as we approached Ben's Happy Trails Riding Stables and Campground today. Even the horses were happy and friendly. horses

We were greeted by enthusiastic geese and dogs. geese

The lodge was just as I remembered- so cozy and welcoming to hikers. Ben's Happy Trails Lodge

One of the employees, Jim, was working Spirit, man leading horse

Spirit is one beautiful buckskin horse! buckskin horse

I was really disappointed that Ben was not feeling well and was up at his house. But another helper called him on the phone. He remembered me from 2009! On that trip, I was walking in the other direction and spotting myself with my bicycle. Ben took me and the bike up over Mount Unger to get back to my car because I wasn't sure I could ride over that hill in the gravel. Then I camped there, and he and his wife fed me more than once. I had a wonderful experience with them. Really good people.

He said, "Come on up!" So I went to the house and at least got to chat with him and Karen for a few mintues. He loves hikers, and tenters can stay free. He does have both bunkrooms and very nice cabins to rent as well. Of course, horseback trail rides. Find him on line at Ben's Happy Trails smiling man

Bonus Section: Not so happy trails.

It took us two hours to do the final three miles in the Shawnee State Forest today. Lots of big trees down. Very hard to follow the trail. hiker climbing over log hiker climbing over log

But we ended the day with a big downhill over Mt. Unger. (After climbing up!) hikers walking downhill

Miles today: 15.9. Total miles so far: 793.7.

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Ellie said...

Glad you made it OK on those last three miles.

Ann said...

Those last couple miles sound grueling

Stacy said...

All the friendly folks you meet and re-meet along the trail. <3

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