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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Moon Hollow and Sunrise Ridge - Day 54

  There was neither moon nor sun involved in today's hiking, but it was a really nice day. We began with more trail miles in the Edge of Appalachia Nature Preserve. hikers on trail

We climbed a total of 2200 feet, and descended about 2000. Most of that was down into and then out of Moon Hollow. At the Moon Hollow road crossing are two barns. barn at Moon Hollow

This is an old tobacco drying barn. We figured that out from the narrow vents, and then there was a sign that verified it! tobacco barn

Moon Hollow has its own claim to fame. Lloyd Estel Copas was born here. He was known variously as Cowboy Copas, or the Oklahoma Cowboy. He was the first to record "The Tenessee Waltz," which became an immediate hit in 1948, and has been re-recorded by many artists. His other big hits include "Signed, Sealed and Delivered," and "Alabam." You can hear his recording of Tennessee Waltz.

We honored him by singing Tennessee Waltz a few times. Plus, it was just fun.

Moon Hollow is also the location of this wonderfully painted barn. barn painted for Buckeye Trail

At the top of the climb out of the hollow, we left the nature preserve and joined Sunshine Ridge Road. This isn't a flat paved road walk. This is a lovely byway with great views. They might have looked better with sunshine and no snow, but it was all good. Only drawback was that the road was slippery in spots, but we still finished in good time. Sunshine Ridge view Sunshine Ridge view

We have now entered the Shawnee State Forest. Tomorrow will be all off road!

Miles today: 14.2. Total miles so far: 764.7.

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Joni said...

The Tennessee Waltz is now added to my list hiking songs. 😊

Maureen said...

The barn is beautiful! I love when you see history and share it with us! Thank you!

JoAnn said...

Love reading your posts. The Tennessee Waltz was my mom and dad’s “song.” Thank you for the link. Listening to the recording brings back lovely memories.

Unknown said...

I grew up in moon hollow and out sunshine I spent many hours as a child on those trails running the hills half naked and wild and we hung a lot of tobacco in that old barn and stripped more than my fair share in the stripping room my family still owns a good portion of that ole holler it will always be home

Alanea said...

My father built that barn over 2rs ago.

Alanea said...

I meant over 20 years ago

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