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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Beauty in the Rain - Day 298

  What I thought was going to be a generally drizzly day became an all-day rain.

When we were at Sonju Lake before, it was blue-sky-water-red-trees. Gorgeous! Today, it was a gray-foggy. But gorgeous in a different way.
Sonju Lake

Sawmill Bog had a nice boardwalk. Despite the name, it didn't seem to have bog plants, although it's large and might have some in other areas.
Sawmill Bog

The best part of the day was something I thought was going to be awful. Once again, one should not make assumptions. Almost at the end of the day was a big climb up to what was only referred to as a "vista." That's probably because none of these hills or lakes seem to have names. There was a pretty big climb up, but it wasn't a terrible rocky scramble. And even in the fog and rain, The view was neat. Those steep, narrow bluffs just plunge down to a 400-foot-deep valley.
view of steep hills

The trail curves around the hill, and you also get a view in the other direction. Apparently, that lake isn't even a permanent body of water, it's only an intermittant wetland. But I love the mystical look of it all.
view of a small lake

OK, the descent was partly a steep and rocky scramble, but by then I was happy with the visual treat, so I wasn't grumbling.

The real problem of the day was very loose clay mud. It was impossible to walk fast without falling. Even walking like a penguin did not guarantee stability. I slid and sat down in the mud four times, and took one hard fall. Just one small bruise on an arm though, so all is wall. I hiked for 8 1/2 hours today- I'm tired.

Marie says my socks are classic. I told her I know how she can get a set.
view of a small lake

Miles today: 14.4. Total miles so far: 3529.4.

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Ann said...

Those are some wonderful views.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- they sure were!