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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Contest Day - Win an Ad for a Month!

Note that from now on the answers should be emailed to me at jhy@t-one.net. I think maybe putting the answers in comments discourages some people. Entries must be received before Midnight, June 30, EDT.

Entries to date: 3

This month's words come from a variety of sources which include TV, the vocabulary game on Free Rice, a friend, and reading.

1. Choose the correct use of the word "oche."
   a. The color of the dried grass was oche.
   b. The players at the dart tournament stood at the oche.
   c. You might be served oche for dinner.
   d. The majestic oche trees were popular on the nature hike.

2. Choose the correct use of the word "cozen."
   a. The cozen of witches met monthly.
   b. The cozen called the pace for the rowers.
   c. The shell game master cozened the crowd.
   d. My mother's nephew is my cozen.

3. Choose the correct use of the word "ley."
   a. He leyed the bet.
   b. The chicken leyed an egg.
   c. The sailor leyed the strands into a rope.
   d. The farmer wisely left the field ley every few years.

4. Choose the correct use of the word "walm."
   a. The mild weather was walm.
   b. Strong winds made the sea walm.
   c. Unexpectedly, she bought the purse on a walm.
   d. The scent of apple pie was walming through the window.

5. Choose the correct use of the word "guana."
   a. The belfry was full of bat guana.
   b. The currency of the open market was guana.
   c. The gang's guana was a mixture of Spanish and English.
   d. The Indian wore a garment made of guana.

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Sharkbytes said...

Don't post your answers here! Send them to jhy@t-one.net

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