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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meeting Nimblewill Nomad

ribbon cutting for the North Country Trail, TART and KART connector trail

Today was National Trails Day, and instead of attending the event that our local trail club hosted, I was asked by the North Country Trail Association to head a little farther north and attend the Grand Traverse Hiking Club event. The reason for that is because the man who is currently trying to thru-hike the NCT was at their event. In addition, Senator Carl Levin was also planning to be there. All this meant that there was going to be a lot of press coverage, and they thought adding in the woman with the most NCT miles would be a good PR move. That smacks of a little sarcasm, but the truth is that I was tickled by the request. Sometimes it has seemed like the NCTA has hardly noticed that I've been slowly adding miles to my total (now at 3657).

So, the picture above shows the official ribbon cutting for the new section of trail that was opened. It's a nice connection between two area ski/hike/bike trails, and takes the NCT off a horse trail. That situation was never ideal. So they set this up with representatives of the two other trails holding the ribbon, chapter officers, the NCTA Executive Director, and Michigan DNR representative looking on. Senator Carl Levin (a real friend of the NCT no matter what political party you belong to) cut the ribbon, and then they had Nimblewill and me walk through. There were two newspapers and Michigan NPR there, so the hope is that the trail will get some good coverage.

Senator Carl Levin, Joan Young, Nimblewill Nomad

I think this picture came out really nice, even if posed. Senator Levin, me, and Nimblewill. I'm hoping to walk with him part of one day this next week as he hikes through the section of trail our club maintains.

It was a long day, with two hours of driving each way. I came home more tired than I expected, but it was a good time.

See Senator Levin Meets Nimblewill Nomad for more about the event
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Ratty said...

This is great! Now you're an even bigger celerity. I'm glad they recognize your accomplishment. Sounds like it must have been fun, even if it was a long drive. Good going!

Glynis Peters said...

That was a lovely pic! A real celebratory day for you. It was the fame...it always makes me tired LOL

WiseAcre said...

I knew you had a lot of miles on ya. But what really matters is the motor runs and the body is still in good shape.

Watch out for Santa on the hike. I saw a twinkle in his eye.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Ratty & Glynis- such a strange kind of fame... I think it does make me tired.

WiseAcre- I have miles and miles! Santa seems safe enough... he supposedly has a girlfriend back home. We were once prevented from crossing a bridge by a Santa doppleganger, but that's another story.

Julia said...

How cool is that. Congrats are definitely in order.

Joe Todd said...

Congrats.. Really great picture and I've been following The Nomad's jorney..

Lin said...

Wow! Paparazzi on the trail??!! Is that you and Brad?? Hee ! Hee! Congrats on the coverage--good for you!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Julia- Once in a while it IS nice to be noticed!

Joe- Thank you. Nimblewill Nomad is having a great adventure. And he's quite a character!

Hi Lin- I think I like either of those guys more than Brad, and I don't even know them all that well! Nice to see you over here. Thanks.

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