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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rationalization or Reality? and a Flat-top Joke

So I'm trying to get all of our "lawn" mowed. Those of you you were readers in the winter know that I'm the operator of large motorized equipment in our house. Therefore, no grass was shortened by the use of machinery while I was hiking. It's quite a project, but I have it almost done. Done being a short-lived word when speaking of lawns.

But I've decided that for once I'm hacking off the high greenery at just the right time. The definition of "lawn" for us is: "whatever green stuff happened to be growing the the area chosen for driving over with a tractor fitted with a whacking-flinging rotary metal bar, occasionally sharpened to the point where it might be loosely termed a 'blade.'"

So why is it the right time? Mixed in with the chicory, evening primrose, goldenrod, spotted knapweed, viper's bugloss, crabgrass, and other assorted green stuff, is a growing core of real grass. It came from one section of the lawn where our house used to be (long story), that has really nice soft blades and a thick habit. It spreads well, but it has stiff competition in our non-lawn. And it is, right now, in full seed. The other piece of the equation is that the weeds, while healthy, are NOT (gone to seed).

grass gone to seed

Thus, I like to think that the grass will be spread by the current mowing scheme, and the weeds will curl up their toes for a few more weeks! Is it reality or rationalization?

Now for the joke. I don't know just why I found this so funny, but I sat on the tractor and laughed out loud at the silliness of it! In front of the building near the road (that used to be our garage at the old house), I have planted a row of "Francie" Hostas. These are the old-fashioned hostas that almost everyone has. I have them everywhere. (Seriously, if you want some, just send me some postage money and a boxful can be yours.)

eaten hostas

Of course, the idea was that they would look nice when the lawn there was actually mowed. But some deer must have decided that the silly human didn't care this year. I learned this as I drove the mower along their row. As you can see, the hostas have been harvested for salad this year. I'm sorry, this just sets me to chuckling for some reason .

eaten hostas

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betchai said...

oh, they must have a feast on your hostas :) it does is funny to me, how they had a salad party at your backyard. the weed picture above, am glad you took them a picture before mowing, it is pretty :)

Rick (Ratty) said...

Your joke reminded me of my brother's war with moles or some creature like that. They ate up his garden and dug holes all through his yard.

Joe Todd said...

I have some vegetation that looks like that thanks to Mr. groundhog who now lives under my deck (for now)

Julia said...

I would not have laughed so easily were it my Hostas eaten like that! You take it much better than me.

Sharkbytes said...

Betchai- They've never eaten them so completely before... it's like they thought the deed would be hidden by the unmowed grass!

Hi Ratty- Well, I'm in battle with the moles and ground squirrels. But I've pretty much lost.

Joe- We have plenty of woodchucks, but so far they haven't tormented me.

Julia- Well, if they use my purchased hostas as a salad bar I probably won't be laughing. But these are multitudinous and apparently indestructible.