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Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Month's Contest and Link Winners

There were three entries in this month's contest at Contest Day, Win an Ad for a Month. I am happy to tell you that this is the third monthly contest, and there has been a different winner each time. One person got all the answers right this month, and that is Ratty, of the Everyday Adventurer!

Here are the answers:
1. Which is not a tree? The elm is a North American tree, with several varieties. The elb is an Arabian tree also known as the sidr tree. Honey from its flowers is highly prized in Yemen. The qat is an African tree whose leaves are chewed as a stimulant or made into tea. So the correct answer is gyb, which is an obsolete spelling of jib- like the jib sail on a ship.

2. Which is not a letter of some alphabet? Vav is V in Hebrew, zed is Z in French, and Rho is R in Greek. Pho isn't anything. Phi is a Greek letter for the ph sound. Yes, I was trying to be tricky there.

3. Which one has nothing to do with books? A quire is one signature of pages sewn together, a quarto is a sheet of printing paper folded into quarters or the resulting sized book, a quadrat is a metal blank to hold type in place around an empty space on a printed page. (It's also an area marked off for an ecological study.) But that leaves quern... a grinding stone... having nothing to do with books.

4. List 4 words that have Y as the only vowel. Everyone came up with good answers. Here is the compiled list of your words: rhythm, myth, crypt, lymph, cyst, gypsy, lynx, shyly, spry. Awesome!

5. Which one is not a geologic feature? A vly is a boggy valley, A vug is the cavity in a rock that is filled with crystals, and a col is a high valley or saddle between two peaks. That leaves zax... which is a special kind of hatchet for cutting shale roofing.

Thanks for playing! I'm also updating the links for my most faithful commenters. This month eight bloggers commented 3 or more times. They are listed here and also with small icons in the sidebar.
Everyday Adventurer! (Ratty- 8 comments)
WiseAcre (5 comments)
Scribbles from Glynis (Glynis- 5 comments)
Joys of the Simple Life (betchai- 4 comments)
My Quality Time (Joe- 4 comments)
Things I'm Grateful For (Solomon- 3 comments)
Our Simple Life (Julia- 3 comments)
My Open Heart Journal (Kathleen my SIL- 3 comments)


Viveca from FatigueBeGone! said...

Well. I am not too late for the contest. I didn't know any of those answers! Maybe I will next time ...

Glad to find you through one of my favorite sites "Things I'm grateful for."



betchai said...

wow, congratulations to Ratty! I am learning, I don't think I will get all the answers right :)

Rick (Ratty) said...

I have to say that I was mostly just lucky. Google is a wonderful thing. I learned a lot from the contest.

Sharkbytes said...

Viveca- Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to do a contest about once a month. Maybe you'll catch the next one.

Betchai- English is such a goofy language. I forget how many blog readers might be way outside a comfort zone since the internet is so global.

Ratty- luck will serve! Take it and run! Congrats.

Glynis Peters said...

I am more than happy to comment on your blog, it is so interesting! Thanks for the link.
Great word contest :)

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Glynis! Glad you like it here! At least I'm usually different, eh? You, too, have interesting experiences.