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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Contest Day - Win an Ad for a Month

Entries received as of 6 pm, Thursday -- 3. Did anyone get them all right yet? :-)

Here is this month's contest. This is a "classic" vocabulary quiz. I have learned the first five words in the past couple of months from books or puzzles. Questions 5-10 are more like a puzzle. There is one word in that group that I just learned today, but the rest are pretty ordinary words!

1. Houris means:
A. Extreme self confidence
B. Perpetual virgins
C. Rich black dirt
D. A timepiece

2. A dolman is:
A. A breed of dog
B. An area of the ocean where there is seldom enough wind for sailing
C. A type of robe
D. A specific type of hotel employee

3. Fichu is:
A. A type of seafood
B. A location in Peru with Inca ruins
C. An invasive species of plant
D. A shawl

4. Manque is:
A. Unfulfilled ambition
B. A type of monkey
C. A type of money
D. Irritation

5. Khukuri is:
A. A type of bird
B. A leader of an oriental tribe
C. A kind of knife
D. A bald clown puppet

Figure out two words that fit each set of definitions, the words will be exactly the same except for changing one letter.

Easy example: a feline and the result of using a knife
Answer: cat and cut

6. Light colored and unable to see

7. To make smaller and a scream

8. Salt water and to carry to the current location

9. Antiquity and a member of the deer family

10. Really weird and an eagle’s nest

Email me your answers (jhy@t-one.net) before midnight EST, January 31. In case of a tie, the earliest completely correct entry wins.

Hey, SIL Loretta is here for a few days! Who knows what we will do? That's not part of the quiz, since I have no idea what the answer will be!


Random WAHM Thoughts said...

loved answering this! sent my answers already ;)

John | Daily Photo Gallery said...

I've answered as many as possible. I'm still stuck on some :-(

VanillaSeven said...

You are very good in words sharkie :)

Sharkbytes said...

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks, Kaye! I'll post the winners on Feb 1.

John- I got what you have sent!

Vanilla- I really work on it... the trick is to be able to remember them next year, right?

Rick (Ratty) said...

This is a good one. I'll send my answers in as soon as I'm finished. I think I'm going to lose this time though. One of them is a stickler. :)

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- I'll watch for it!