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Monday, January 4, 2010

When I Waste Time, I Do it Right

Coke puzzle begun

Saturday afternoon I decided to do a jigsaw puzzle that I got for Christmas several years ago. I love jigsaw puzzles, but haven't let myself do one for quite a few years because I get sucked in so completely that I don't get anything else done.

Well, as if that wasn't bad enough, when I started this one I learned that it is a 2000-piece puzzle! Wow! It's just hard enough: challenging without being just an exercise in struggling until it's done. I'm really angry with myself for starting it, because I can't make myself just give up and take it apart, so the best solution is to work fast and get it done. I need the table for my January project. (oh... not all the pieces are on this table- this is a huge puzzle, 34x42 inches when complete)

Here's what it looks like now. It's a collage of all kinds of Coke collectibles.

Coke puzzle begun

P.S. I had to add a new category of topics: "wasting time."


RNSANE said...

I would be psychotic before I got it done, Shark...I've never been terrific with puzzles. You need to invite a few friends over to help you!!

Anonymous said...

2000 pieces? Goodness, I would have lost most of the pieces by the time I get to it..

Good luck with your new "waste time" project :-)

Unknown said...

I love jigsaws. We did one before Christmas. My hubby did most of it while I was busy getting ready for the holiday. I took a photo I was going to post in my blog, but I haven't even got it onto my computer yet. Anyway your post reminded me (yet more inspiration from here.) Hope you'll give us a pic when it's finished.

Relationships said...

I love the title of your post. Absolutely so true!

Whether you are celebrating a beginning of a new year or the end of an old year..itself determines what your goals should be:)

John | English Wilderness said...

Last time I tried to do a jigsaw was on a round table that wasn't quite big enough. The corners kept dropping off! :-(

The Oceanside Animals said...

Now that's what I call a puzzle!

Ann said...

I wouldn't call it wasting time at all. I would think of it more as exercising your brain in problem solving. Last time I did a puzzle I got very irritated when I got almost to the end and found out there were 2 pieces missing

WillOaks Studio said...

Awesome--I can't wait to see it finished and I applaud you--think of it as exercise for your brain cells!

Lin said...

Oh, that's not wasting time! I LOVE doing puzzles in the winter. My only problem is that we need the table to eat on and I have to do them quickly.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- Ah, but I am insane with puzzles already. I like doing them alone. (Only child syndrome)

Icy- yes, it was a serious size!

Jean- I'll show the puzzle tomorrow. But it's so busy that a picture won't do it justice.

Dorothy- Hey, I like that. I'll try to call it a final celebration before I buckle down to work.

John- Oh oh! That can be a real problem! I couldn't spread this one all out on the entire dining room table, plus a card table, and the two box parts.

Dennis- I was so good, I didn't steal any of the pieces. Maggie

Ann- No missing pieces! OK, I would like to call it a brain exercise, but the truth is that I can't be reasonable about anything. All I've done for the past four days is work on it, and blog.

Karen- ditto. But keep telling me that I'm exercising my brain... maybe it will make it true!

Lin- What? You have to eat at the table? How mundane. Tables are for projects. (Oh, ok... sometimes for eating)

Rick (Ratty) said...

My mom and my grandma would get along great with you. My grandma always had a huge jigsaw puzzle set up on the table. I finally got my mom a jigsaw puzzle computer game, so she'd always have as many as she wants.

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- It's a strange addiction, but many people share it! I do some on line, but it's not the same has being able to hold the pieces in your hands.