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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who Was Playing Here?

pawed spot

Here's just a little fun game, and you don't even have to wait till tomorrow for the answer. Near the back of the property today there was this spot in the snow that has been roughed up. Do you know who did this? Here's a clue.

pawed spot

Now you can begin to see who recently walked into that space. Here's a longer shot with some tracks. Do you have it figured out yet?

deer printOK, here's your last clue. This is one of the prints that you should know really well by now. Do you know why the spot is roughed up?

I'll put the answers in the comment section. This quiz should be a piece of cake if you follow this blog. No preposterousness today; just ask Ratty (wink).
Oh, hey! If you want to vote for my cool Mom, go to Chuck's "My Cool Mama" contest at Secondary Roads before Wednesday 7 pm EST.

See Tracking with Some Help From Maggie
See A Veteran's Day Story for more about "my cool mom"


Sharkbytes said...

This was a white-tail deer pawing through the snow to find some grass to graze on. Sometimes you will find similar places where they have laid down, but not in the open, and not so roughed up. That says "pawing." Hope you got it!

RNSANE said...

I am really not too up to par on this stuff, Shark, I didn't have a clue. I'm failing Outdoor 101!
I think I'm hopeless.

Rick (Ratty) said...

I know! I know! But you already know I know. Actually I didn't figure it out until I saw the track. That reminds me that I have a mystery of my own with a large patch of scuffed ground in the forest. There's actually a couple of places, around two medium sized fallen tree branches.

The Cria - Aldon @ Orient Lodge said...

I must admit that when I saw the first picture I wondered if my daughter had been there trying to make a snow angel. However, the tell tail deer print quickly changed my mind.

Secondary Roads said...

Got that one, and the track confirmed it. Your Mom sure is cool! Please consider posting that picture and the story here on your blog.
-- Chuck

Ann said...

oh I'm bad at this, I guessed it was Maggie and she sat down in the snow to scratch.

Mother Goose said...

It looks to me as if Maggie decided to make a snow angel. I certainly hope it wasn't because you wanted to do a sudden "sit down" as I think Ratty is hinting. I'm voting on Maggie.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mystery. I'd love to see the deer.

Lin said...

I guessed a deer on the first shot. Am I right???

Auntie E said...

Oh i knew it... have seen a lot of those tracks.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- You are not hopeless! Do you see the two little grooves side by side in the print? That's what tells you it was some kind of deer.

Ratty- good job... but, you're right, I knew it would be very easy for you.

Hi Aldon- wow! nice to have a comment from you. Does Fiona (did I remember her name correctly) paw in the snow? Just teasing.

Hi Chuck- A country kid in MI would be expected to get this one right, eh? Well, I might post some more about mom here... you have given me an idea.

Ann- Well, not a bad guess... but that track with the two sharp grooves should have been the giveaway.

Mother Goose- Nope, neither Maggie or I sat down here!

Judy- Well, who knows, last year I got a few pictures of them... we will see what this year brings. And I have a camera with a better zoom this winter.

Lin- you are right on, baby!

Auntie- Good for you! That's all that tracking is about, isn't it... the more we see things the better we know them.

Anonymous said...

I'm very bad at identifying tracks, but I thought it was Maggie playing in that spot..