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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two Birds and a Plan

Here you go! This is the Northern, yellow-shafted flicker! She (there is no "mustache" stripe) was so busy hunting for bugs in the lawn that she didn't care that I was filming her. Don't be fooled by that loud voice. That's a cardinal in a nearby tree. The flicker sounds more like a rusty gate.

This is a woodpecker, a fairly large one, although not as huge as the pileated. It is also the only one of ours that feeds on the ground. It's looking for insects. Ants are supposed to be a favorite. Works for me... I have too many in the kitchen most summers. I have read that they will crush ants and then use the bodies to groom themselves. The theory is that the formic acid in the ant bodies kills parasites on the birds' skin.

The plan? Yes, I need to be getting ready for another hike. I leave here on May 2 for New York. Today I put 30 pounds in my backpack and walked for an hour before Vicky and I went frogging. Lots to do! I had better get started before the weekend. This is only a 6 day hike, with just Marie and me, so the prep isn't nearly so extensive as for the big hike last year. I'll keep you posted.

I'm working on a video of the frog adventure for tomorrow.

See The Flicker the pictures aren't as good, but it's a male, and it's pecking on a log, which they also do


Duxbury Ramblers said...

Sharky sorry I've not commented but the box came up and it was completely blank, I tried a few times - I don't if it was my end or yours.
Anyway it's working this morning so I will get on with it.
Love the Woodpecker - our Green Woodpecker is the one that laughs others say it cackles but I remember the woody woodpecker cartoons and he laughed. Enough of my rambling just glad to be able to comment again.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bird! I saw that little black ring on the bottom of its neck too. Wonderful video!

Ann said...

What a pretty bird that is. Lucky for us it was so willing to be filmed. It sure was enjoying it's meal. have fun frogging and hiking.

Ratty said...

I like the bird video a lot. When I first saw the name of the bird I thought those are related to woodpeckers. Then you confirmed it, so I'm glad I was right about that. I've been enjoying learning about birds lately. I'm looking forward to your video tomorrow.

Sharkbytes said...

I don't know the green woodpecker. Sounds pretty odd, as we always think red in association with woodpeckers. I just looked it up, and they do seem similar in diet and habits. Does it look more green in certain light?

Hi Icy- I think it's one of my favorite woodpeckers. The others stay all winter, but this one migrates, so I know it's spring when I see them.

Hi Ann- I think it's really pretty too.

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