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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birds, Birds, Birds

It has been a fun week with birds. Quite a few of the regulars have returned, and they are fun to watch, no matter how common. Here are just a few of the avian friends.

American Robin

Just our lovely American robin- almost everyone recognizes this cheerful singer. But they sing loudly in the morning... not my favorite time of day. So, I like their scientific name, Turdus migatorius

crow tracks

While we are doing tracks, how about some crow tracks? How do I know? I watched the crow make them! I was hopeful of finding robin tracks... they were all over yesterday, but I didn't think to take a picture, and today they've softened too much to show.

red-tailed hawkThis is a terrible picture, but it's interesting in one way. This is my friend the red-tailed hawk. As bad as it is, you can see the pale shoulder patches.

turkey vulture

Here's the ever-present turkey vulture. It was nice enough to pose in the typical V. You can always identify them while soaring because of the V. Hawks and eagles soar with level wings.

American Robin

Finally, what fun! Four sandhill cranes flew by the house this morning! I grabbed the camera, and barely managed to catch one of them in flight!


spinninglovelydays said...

Always happy to see pictures of birds (esp of ones we don't have here - although Midge was able to identify the robin as the bird in "Just a Spoonful of Sugar", lol)

rainfield61 said...

I see many Robins in the Internet.

I can identify it by now.

Thanks Ratty.

Karen and Gerard said...

I love hearing the birds chirping in the morning. That's when I most miss our Dickie Bird. He used to chirp when the sun came up.

That puzzle is way too hard but Happy Birthday!

Lin said...

GREAT crane shot!! I hear them way high in the sky, but we never see them low like that. :)

Em found a dead robin in the yard yesterday and a smiley cat out by the door. Hmmmmm. When asked if he got the bird, he acted nonchalant--of course. I forced him to take a look at the bird and he sniffed for a second and walked away, as if he had already checked it out.

I thinking he's "guilty". It's not too often that robins just drop dead in the yard.

Rick (Ratty) said...

I love that picture of the sandhill crane. It makes me laugh because the bird looks bald and awkward, almost like a cartoon.

Ann said...

Nice selection of birds. That cracked me up about the name for the robin. very fitting for someone who disturbs you with singing early in the morning...lol
I didn't know that about the v I've spotted what I think are hawks several times but now I'll have to take notice of their wings while they are soaring.

Ferd said...

Wonderful shot of the sandhill crane!!!

jeanlivingsimple said...

Dang...I love all your photos. It is really cool to see what birds you are seeing in MI. Have to admit that shot of the Sandhill Crane in flight is a to die-for-capture. Thumbs-up!!!

Sharkbytes said...

Ivy- Yes, I had forgotten about the robin singing on Mary Poppins' finger, but that's it! Nature ID through movies. Whatever works, right?

rainfield- yes, We now know robins from every angle thanks to Ratty!

Karen- change the cut to something easier- I didn't say you couldn't.

Lin- oh, so sorry you lost a birdie to the mighty hunter. Better a robin than something rare, though.

Ratty- they really do seem awkward. All those big birds do. It's quite a project to get that bulk into the sky. And at that angle it looks like it has tiny, tiny wings!

Ann- I'm glad I mentioned the V! I think that everyone must know that, but I need to remember that we all have new things to learn all the time.

Ferd- thanks- it was complete luck. I had one chance. I pointed and snapped, and the camera actually focused that fast!

Jean- that's quite a compliment from you. I think wildlife photography is a lot of watching and running and waiting and a big chunk of LUCK!

Secondary Roads said...

The V for vulture is very helpful. We have a golden eagle (or eagles) in this neighborhood. None of my neighbors have identified him, thinking it is just another turkey vulture. Love the crane shot. They sure make a raucous noise as they fly.

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- V for Vulture works really well! Horray for autofocus that sometimes locks on. I was literally running after it pointing the camera.