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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ellen and Joan Sneak in an Adventure

It's supposed to start raining tomorrow, and be wet all week. Ellen got home yesterday, so we decided to go out today, despite a gray and damp morning. Talk about a good decision!

sandhill crane tracks

Someone else had been hiking in the woods too. We didn't see them walking, but did see and hear them flying away. It was a pair of sandhill cranes- they seem to show up this time of year. The crane tracks don't have a long rear toe the way heron tracks do, and the three toes spread evenly in front.

Where were we hiking to? First we explored a really old road for about 1/2 mile- it's not even a 2-track any more, just a foot trail. That's were we found the tracks. Then we hiked to:

Cooper Creek

Cooper Creek! Yup... I'm fixated on working out a route for this Adventure Loop. Ellen and I did the first hike all the way from Lake Michigan to Forest Trail, by "my" route. I had an alpha version of the guidebook printed out, and she tested it by being the "guide," to see if it was clear. Just needs a few tweaks. I'm pretty excited! We ate lunch sitting on the bridge I showed you on Thursday.

The sky started to clear, and although it remained a bit hazy, we got some blue sky and sun!

Then we went back to get the first car, but we couldn't bear to go home yet. So we climbed up to the north overlook platform at the Lake Michigan Recreation Area. The stairs climb to the top of the highest dune. A hazy, but wonderful view of the big lake.

Lake Michigan

And if you turn to the south, you can see the end of Big Sable Point sticking out into the lake, about five miles to the south.

Big Sable Point

Yes, this is the point where the Big Sable Light is located. Can you find it?

Big Sable Light

Yup, it's tucked into the angle where the lower land seems to join the hill. Even with the haze, you can still see its distinctive black and white stripes. Of course, it looks so far from the water because of our viewpoint. It's very close to the water, actually, but on the south side of the point.

After returning to the parking lot, we couldn't bear to leave, even then. So we walked another 1.5 miles on the Porter Creek Trail. By this time it was nearly 4:00 in the afternoon! Seriously, though... if the old body would just stand for it, I think I'd start walking and never stop.

It was an AWESOME day.

See Two Lighthouses and a Trail for a good picture of Big Sable Light
See Sandhill Crane Family
See Cooper Creek


Duxbury Ramblers said...

Living on an Island I am use to the large expanse of water that surrounds us but the sight of Lake Michigan has a WOW factor.

spinninglovelydays said...

You really do live in a beautiful place. :)

rainfield61 said...

We keep walking, though on a different track.

Ann said...

It sounds like the perfect day, I can understand why you wanted to keep going.
Those crane track look like stars

Ferd said...

How great!
And how great that you have a friend that loves to walk and explore as much as you do!
Gail and I are having a similar day today. Bike ride this morning, and hiking at Hanging Rock State Park in the afternoon.

medical safety said...

Great shots but the second photo is so scary. Don't what's down there.

BTW, is there a limit on what you can post at postzoom?

Sharkbytes said...

Carol- The big lake really does have that. It seems so much like an ocean- but right here!

Ivy- I am so thankful for that. Lived 4 years in central Indiana for college, and missed the water SO much

rainfield- just HAVE to, don't we?

Ann- I like that- "Stars in the Snow" - sounds like a title

Ferd- Ellen and I do seem to have hit a stride- she's not big on overnighting, but we are going to try it this summer.

sir rob- the creek one? or the stairs by the lake? No total limit, but 2 additions per blog per day at PZ

medical safety said...

@sharkbytes: Yop the creek, very creepy.

But it seems that I only have a few remaining articles in the queue. I know that there's a daily limit but the remaining articles left now are two more. Does this have to do with the stats, about your clicks sent to postzoom? What I meant is the click exchange.