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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Overload is Beginning!


I'm still longing for green, but the meadowlarks are finding things to sing about. Getting a good picture of one seems to elude my skills, but I caught one in mid-song, at least. Suddenly there are things to see and hear everywhere! Green still isn't evident, but finally the earth is beginning to warm. I could smell it!

skunk cabbage

Staying inside simply hasn't been possible. We haven't gotten that wet week that was promised (we do need the rain), but it means that I just HAVE to go out. Saw the first skunk cabbage of the year on Tuesday. And, I bring you a very short audio treat.

That pond used to be a wetland (technically, it still is) until the city decided it should be a lawn. You can see how well that works in the spring. But, this short clip is great because you just have the one frog singing- great for ID help. I think I have that Chorus Frog learned for good.

It was supposed to rain today, so I was resigned to working all day. Ha! The afternoon was in the high 50's and dry. I couldn't stay in. So I went exploring a trail that I hadn't been on before. It's only unofficial... but I found a nice loop! It goes along the Pere Marquette River from the Maple Leaf Access and back via a sand road.

Pere Marquette River

This is one of the places where you can look down and see the river curling back on itself. I have to be good and show you only one of each "thing," or we'll never finish, but it was really nice. I didn't even need a sweatshirt (first time this year), the sun was out, WOW.

scarlet cup fungus

Here is a spring "bloomer." I should say "fruiter," since this the the fruiting body of a fungus, the scarlet cup, Sarcoscypha coccinea. It's quite common, but it always makes me smile when I find it.

This has been quite a pile of varied stuff, but every little new bit of color or sound is a huge joy!

See Quiet Backwater
See Meadowlark- A Glimpse


Unknown said...

What an unusual array of pictures ... as I opened up your blog it landed on the second picture down and I thought - 'am I on the right blog? This looks like a tongue or may be two!' LOL!!
I have never seen a meadowlark before - so that was a lovely surprise. He looks in a glorious mood - singing for all he is worth!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Nice set of photos - love the scarlet elf cup we get plenty of it here - I am told it is edible?

rainfield61 said...

The meadowlarks are singing so loud.

I hear them.

vanilla said...

Photos took me along. Thanks for frog song, too.

Ratty said...

Your variety of stuff is wonderful. I love that first bird picture. The frog makes the same sound I hear so often with the frogs I never could identify.

Ann said...

love that picture of the bird in song. Spring is starting to show a little here although you do need to look close to find it.

betchai said...

i could hear the bird sing, you captured it at the right moment. the reflecting pond video looks good too, spring is coming to your town, I share your desire to always be out.

spinninglovelydays said...

It must feel like a miracle every time.

Ferd said...

Finally! Spring is springing for you! I'm glad!

Sharkbytes said...

Polly- The meadowlarks have a lovely song, usually with local dialects. I should try to record one for you!

Carol- I have no idea about it's edibility. Since it's easily identifiable, maybe I should find out.

rainfield- I'm glad that you and betchai could hear the song just on the strength of the singer!

vanilla- I would be happy to have you on any hike with me.

Ratty- I think I can now correctly ID 5 frogs by sound alone. Not enough, but one better than last year!

Ann- here too! It's so dry that things just aren't greening up.

betchai- it's really compelling isn't it? I can't help myself.

Ivy- it does... it IS!

Ferd- Needed to happen pretty soon!

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