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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Second Place Winner of Birthday Contest

old woman watching baby

Stories inspired by this picture were submitted:

First place went to: John Lottery. He chose the ad for a year as his prize.

Second place goes to: Ivy. Her story will be featured today.

Neighborhood Watch

Now, here’s a good spot. If I angle this chair just right, I can see clear down the block. I wonder if young Linda will receive another bouquet. That boyfriend of hers must have been up to his old tricks again. Showers her with flowers and candy anytime he’s been caught. Yesterday it was lilies. He’s a bad lot, but she’ll probably marry him anyway. That type is a martyr for cheaters the likes of him.

She’s just like my friend Mary Sul- “Daisy! Don’t you dare put that slug in your mouth! Put it down! I said put. It. Down.” Sigh.

So, I grew up, got married and took care of children, then I grew old and here I am still taking care of children. I don’t mind that much. I’ve got cute grandkids, not like those doughy little monsters poor Edna ended up with. I swear I’m not going over there anymore when she has them. That small one ate every crumb of that pie Edna served me, and her thinking it was funny! That bigger one kept on shooting rubber bands at me and Edna just sat there ignoring it. I won’t be surprised if they all grew up to be delinquents someday.

Now, I do say the good Lord blessed me with fine kiddies. Well, so long as they don’t mess with my bingo nights. I’m on a winning streak too, which is making Clara as spiteful as anything. Is it my fault that I can work 15 cards all at the same time? She should put in –

“Daisy! Let that dragonfly go!” Little imp. She was about to put the thing in her mouth too. I bet she’s already had some helpings of grass and dirt anyway, sneaky thing.

Oh, isn’t that Pastor Ken’s car? Yes, it is. I suppose he’s up to visit Jim. Rascal didn’t go to church two Sundays straight, probably claims it’s his lumbago. Lumbago, my foot! I’m sure as anything he just didn’t wake up in time, him hanging out all night at that watering hole near the river with his fishing buddies. He’ll be sorry when the - Now, hang on. Who’s that moving around Mabel’s house? The place should be empty. I’d go over and investigate if I didn’t have Daisy with me. Should I call the police? The last time I did that, they didn’t thank me for my troubles. How was I to know that that foreign boy was hired to clean the windows?

Whoever started that rumor about me being a Nosy Parker is just plain unkind. I’m sure I don’t go around minding other people’s business. If I sit out here and get to observe everything under my nose, that’s not poking it where it doesn’t belong. If I seem to know more about something than the next person, it’s just plain oincidence. There’s no need to make snide little cracks about it. I really didn’t appreciate Tom’s joke the other day. As if I go about town snooping for gossip!

Anyway, what to do about Mabel’s house? It could be she came home early from her cruise. That’s not likely. I’ll never forgive myself if she gets robbed and I could have stopped it.

“Come along, Daisy! Now, don’t howl. Buttinski or not, I have to do my bit to keep this neighborhood safe.”

Ivy, you can go to More About the Contest and choose any gift except the blog ad. Be sure to send me your address!


Emma Springfield said...

Ivy has a wonderful sense of humor. Daisy's grandmother sounds like a lot of old women I knew when I was growing up. Not me though. I mind my own business. Not like the woman next door who is always at her window looking at me when I glance over to see whether she is at the window or doing dishes.
I can see why it was tough to make a decision on a winner. Another great story.

John Lottery said...

Ha, Ha, Ha. What an entertaining story Ivy! I think you described the picture well! Congratulations on a fine story.

Ann said...

I love Ivy's story. I think I know the lady in the story

jeanlivingsimple said...

A very entertaining read! Congrats to Ivy!

Sharkbytes said...

Emma- Not everyone agreed on the best story- I assigned points based on the ranks given by different people. It was the only way to get a clear winner.

John- I liked that different people took different "tacks"

Ann- We've certainly all had to deal with someone like that!

Jean- thanks for chiming in and supporting Ivy and all the writers.

spinninglovelydays said...

Ooh I didn't get to see this 'til just now. Thanks, Sharkbytes! Thanks everyone for the nice compliments! :)

Sharkbytes said...

Ivy- I'm glad you are happy! Thanks so much for entering. I loved the different interpretations people took for the characters.

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