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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Superlatives from the Road

I'm home, which is not the same thing as being refreshed. Got here at 9 pm. Just a few more "bests" of another travel day. Tomorrow I have to work, and hope to get caught up reading many of your blogs. I'm not crazy about these miscellaneous posts... they don't tell you much about anything, but it does give you a taste of the day.

I spent the night with Irene, and the very best thing about Irene is that I am able to tell you I visited her. She spent 3 months of last year in the hospital, and very nearly didn't get to come home at all, ever. She's working hard to rebuild her strength.

photo label

Another goodbye to the hills of western New York that I love so much. This is coming down the road Irene lives on.

western new york

One way in which NY is ahead of Michigan is in embracing wind power. There are a few turbines going up in my county, but scenes like this one are becoming common in New York. For any who might not be familiar with these and need a sense of scale, one single blade is a full load for a semi-truck. They are assembled on site.

wind turbines

Finally, I bring you "Muddy," the world's largest catfish statue. (All I can tell you is what the city of Dunnville, Ontario, claims. I have not personally checked all catfish statues.) The sign says it was put up in 2009, and I've driven this route one other time since then, but somehow didn't notice it.

catfish statue

Going to bed. I'm sure all you blogger friends are feeling that I've abandoned you. I plead guilty this week, but you'll see more of me over the next few days.

See Letchworth and Gibsonville
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rainfield61 said...

Home sweet home and the bed must be smelling so good.

RNSANE said...

Beautiful scenery and I know you are very glad to be visiting Irene. Several years ago, the dearest friend of my life, had neuro surgery for a brain aneurysm and, just recently, went through neurosurgery again. She spent two weeks with me before I came to India and I am so glad I had that time with her. I'll go to New Orleans to see her when I get home.
Speaking of home, it's less than four weeks till I head to Hong Kong for give days and then on to SF...however, I'm trying to get back here in two months.

I love catfish. I'll feast on them when I visit Georgia.

Ann said...

How could you possibly miss a fish that size?....lol

vanilla said...

Home safely. That is good news.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- it sure would if someone would wash the sheets! Supposed to be warm early next week- maybe laundry outside!

Carmen- you can have the catfish! We get older and more friends seem older too.

Ann- I keep asking myself the same thing. It wasn't dark when I drove by!

vanilla- hey, buddy! I'll be over your way soon.

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