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Monday, November 19, 2012

1 Hill = X Pies

Do you like my algebra? It would be a lot easier if the whole equation wasn't also a function of rabbits, deer, bugs, and personal inertia.

One regular reader knows what the heck I'm talking about, but I'll let you all in on the secret.


What? That picture didn't help you?

garden plot

I got tired of hunting for actual pie pumpkins this fall. I've decided to put in one or two hills of them next spring. So I dug up a space and worked in some of the compost I've been hoarding for years.

I took a nice picture of the compost before I worked it in, but that picture didn't record. I need to figure out if this problem is with the camera or this memory card.

Anyway... I may get one more hill dug up, or not. But the soil should be nicely prepared to accept some "Small Sugar" pumpkin seeds.

Yes, I have fencing, but it seems silly to put it up to protect some compost for the winter.

Oh, and I make more pumpkin muffins, breads, and soup than pies, but the best pies come from the small ones that seem to be impossible to buy.

huh! I have no pumpkin pie posts in 4 years of blogging.
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jeanlivingsimple said...

At first you threw me...but then I understood what you were doing.:)
Can't wait to see those pumpkins next year!

john bain said...

What is that in the background of the first picture? Is it a bridge?

rainfield61 said...

A hill = x months of waiting.

Secondary Roads said...

Hey Rainfield, Good answer.

After our earlier discussion on this topic, I'm thinking those small sugar pumpkins would be good to put in our garden next year. We have enough butternut squash to last for a while.

Secondary Roads said...

The second part of my earlier comment was an acknowledgment that I did understand what the title means. Hope hope the solution to your formula is one that pleases.

Ann said...

I never was good at algebra but pies and pumpkins I understand :)

jerry patterson said...

I like your blog. Nice theme also. Your blog inspires me to get a nice theme for mine.

Sharkbytes said...

Jean- I'm sure hoping!

John- it's a co-op grain elevator, but I call it "the space station."

rainfield- no kidding! And I can't even plant the seeds for 6 months

Chuck- yup! we had discussed this. I'm a big lover of most any of the squash family

Ann- pies are a good thing to understand!

Jerry- nice to see you! Mine is custom, and I change the background a couple of times a year.

RNSANE said...

I love anything with pumpkin. Half Moon Bay, CA, about 25 miles from me, hosts a huge pumpkin festival every year. When I first moved here about 38 years ago, I got a fabulous pumpkin cook book at the festival - long out of print, with all kinds of recipes...not just sweet things...all of them we superb. One of my favorites was a South American stew served in a pumpkin.