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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Snow Winter 2102- 2013

Not much to say about today. We had the first snow that collected, although it wasn't much. I have high hopes for a winter with lots of snow play!

I spent the afternoon writing, and then somehow lost it all when I went to backup the file. The quality part is that I did have the time to spend all evening re-creating the chapter.

I'm off to bed with a sore throat.

first snow

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rainfield61 said...

Snow, snow, snow.

Are you welcomed?

Secondary Roads said...

That's about as much snow as we received here. What will this winter be like?

Do take good care of yourself. I don't like to read that you're not feeling well, but that doesn't mean don't tell me. How else can I know what to pray for on your behalf?

Ann said...

we saw a few snow flakes flying around but no accumulation on the ground at all. Hope that sore throat gets better quick

Lin said...

I haven't seen any snow yet, but that's okay with me.

Sorry to hear about losing the chapter. UGH!! How frustrating. :( And I hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- I will feel very welcome when we get enough to ski or snowshoe!

Chuck- Wow- I appreciate the prayers. I hardly ever get sick, so I sure can't complain. This is more annoying than debilitating. Hopefully one more good night of sleep will fix it.

Ann- It's supposed to warm by a few degrees for the rest of the week, so I think no real snow yet.

Lin- It's a good thing I rewrote it right away. Otherwise I'd probably get discouraged.