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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Last Paper Day

Today was Om's last day of doing the paper route. Ever. He is ecstatic!

I went along to take pictures. Just discovered that half of them didn't record, so that's a bummer. Looks like some kind of memory card error. But we have some.

newspapers in rack

Here he is putting papers on a shelf in a store.

newspapers in bag

When the stores aren't open yet, the papers are just left outside the door.

The pictures of putting papers in home tubes and in a rack (the boxes where you put in coins and take out a paper) didn't save.

However, we got one really important one:

holding a pencil

We all have little quirky things we just don't like, right? One of Om's is that he hates using pencil. But he's been required to use one on the paper record-keeping pages for these six years. So, he's handing off the pencil to me. He hopes to never have to use a pencil again in his life.

Another of his goals is to never see another sunrise. At least not unless he wants to.

This is a major milestone of our lives. Woo hoo!

I'm going to bed. I've been on the couch all day with this cold.

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jeanlivingsimple said...

Wishing you and yours a happy transition!

Lin said...

No more paper route?? I imagine that's a horrible job....with all that getting up early and going out in all sorts of weather. Ugh. But I will tell you that I appreciate those of you that bring my paper to my door on Sundays. :)

I hope you are feeling better soon, Sharkey!

rainfield61 said...

But my goal is to see sunrise everyday.

What a difference.

Ann said...

Hooray for no more paper route. I remember when my son had a small route years ago. Since the Sunday paper was so big he always wanted help with that which meant I drove him instead of him riding his bike. Man I hated that.

Secondary Roads said...

Huzzah! Huzzah! Congrats to Om! That's a good thing to leave in the past. Enter freedom.

I love the "Passing of the Pencil" shot. It says a lot and that on different levels too.

Hope you finally kick that cold for good.

john bain said...

I did a paper round for a couple of years when I was a kid. Hated every early morning of it!
Enjoy your freedom Om.

Lin said...

I thought of Om this morning as I awoke to no paper in the drive. Sigh. So, I called and they said a new paper would appear in an hour....to no avail. then I called again and talked to customer service and asked for a credit. She told me that she would take notes and let "delivery" know about my "delivery demands" which pretty much equaled just plain 'ole delivery. Sigh. I wish Om was my newspaper guy. :(

vanilla said...

Congratulations on the ending of an era and the beginning of a new phase in life! You've both earned the respite from the early morning wind, rain, and whatever else.

Loretta said...

Whoo Hoo!!! Did not know it was happening this soon. I know Omer is thrilled and will adjust quickly to his new sleeping schedule. congrats!

RNSANE said...

Ah, here's to sleeping late, Om!! And, you, too, Joan.