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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vocabulary Day

vocabulary dayThis was going to be a monthly feature. Ha! How long has it been since I've done this? I'm not going to look it up or I'll be too embarrassed.

No matter: Here are some recent new or re-learned words for you to guess. Answers tomorrow. Any daffynitions are welcome.

1. Pullulating
a. oozing pus
b. experiencing a growth spurt, spreading
c. using a pulley
d. yodeling

2. Pederast
a. one who practices sodomy
b. the base of a statue
c. a footrest
d. one who travels by foot

3. Harled
a. a wall coated with lime
b. dragged forcefully
c. snarled
d. made of filaments like cable or a braid

4. Quotidian
a. a person who likes to use adages
b. a French carriage
c. a French dance
d. daily

5. Prole
a. the primary role
b. to roll
c. a common person
d. a baby buggy

By the way, today, I ran into one of the words from the list I posted in March and I remembered what it meant!

Also by the way, I used to keep a card file of words. Then when I entered the computer age I wrote a program to test me on random words I entered into the database. Now, you have to go out of your way to be able to run any programs you write yourself. (One of my pet peeves, Chuck). So my old BASIC program is worthless.

Maybe I'll try to find the old card file and bring it up to date. Sometimes low-tech is JUST FINE.

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Secondary Roads said...

Wrt, the pet peeve, I understand. It's been a long time since I've written a BASIC program. But then I don't need to play with my own Spirograph these days.

I believe you've only hinted at some possibilities with your words. Others exist. For example:

1. Pullulating
a. that feeling you get when someone tugs on your heart strings.

2. Pederast
a. Ped does mean foot and Rasta is a spiritual movement. That's why I think this means someone who worships feet.

3. Harled
a. This is 'Enry's cuzzin.

4. Quotidian
a. a person who bores everyone by dropping obscure and strange quotes.

5. Prole
a. That's what got daddy out of pris'n.

That's what I think, but I could be wrong.

vanilla said...

In fact, sometimes low-tech is BETTER. Do you remember at the dawn of the personal PC age when we heard so much about how much time computers were going to save us? How's that working out for you?

I think Chuck is right about "prole," but I think "harled" is what I did the last time the PC locked up. "I harled the thing ag'in the wall."

Ann said...

I'm laughing too much at Chuck's answers to even take a guess here

Joe Todd said...

Stopped by to say Hi.. Hope all is well with you

Sharkbytes said...

CHuck- Those are great! You don't know how right you are about "harl." I once knew a set of identical twins (men) from S. Carolina named Harold and Carold. They were born way premature, and were kept alive in a basket with Mason jars of warm water placed by the fireplace.

vanilla- yeah... I can get a lot of things done I couldn't before the PC, but some things take WAY longer.

Ann- he's really good at this, isn't he?

Joe- Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

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