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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Polka Dots and Stripes 2

I was out doing assignments today, and had writers' group tonight. Busy day.

One project I've been working at for a bit is getting all my previous blog posts printed and into a notebook, so all those memories aren't lost if something happens to the on-line versions. Big job. But I'm making progress.

One thing that has been impressed on me even more strongly is how much I appreciate all your comments. It took several months of blogging here at MQD before people began coming by and getting acquainted. Feedback makes it so much more fun!

I think, beginning in December I'll get back to rewarding the top commenters. With Entrecard and Adgetize gone the number of comments has dropped dramatically. I get that... no hard feelings. But I'm thinking I might reward the top five each month with a larger ad.

Anyway... one of my early posts was Polka Dots and Stripes. Not sure if that was on my mind today, or if these images were simply there waiting for me to collect.

full moon through branches

OK, so it was just one big polka dot this time.

light through fence

Plenty of stripes, though!

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Secondary Roads said...

I love the way that (Scotch?) pine holds the moon like you would hold a basketball.

vanilla said...

Isn't that funny? We both posted the evergreen-propped moon on the same day!

Ann said...

that sounds like a big job getting all your posts printed.
I like you polka dot sky and the striped ground

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- white pine, but yes, it was snuggled right in there!

vanilla- it was a beautiful moon!

Ann- It is a big job, but I've decided I don't want any chance of losing all that.