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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Beauty in the Most Drab Places

March is not my favorite month. In fact, it's on the bottom of the dozen. Even so, on a walk today I saw lace in the most unlikely places. First, a rotting snowbank.

rotting snowbank

But a lacy landscape in close.

lacy edge of melting snow

Even less likely is this clod of frozen mud.

frozen mud clod

But it's the most beautiful!

frozen mud clod

I think I'm ready for some spring-like views.

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Tony Laplume said...

Beauty can be found anywhere! And winter gets a bad rap most of all, because it tends to produce the most beauty of any season. We tend to overlook it because all we think about is the inconvenience, but that's just nature's way of reminding us that maybe our activities aren't as important as we sometimes think they are.

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay i gess sumtimes yoo hav to go macro to see the byooty in things!!! dada told me to say that i hav no ideea wot it meens!!! ha ha ok bye

Ann said...

It sure does take some zooming in to find the beauty this time of year but you did find it.
I'm ready for some color in the landscape. I've had enough winter

Ivy said...

I'm not a fan of March either. I'm really enjoying your snowy pics as it's approaching summer here, and even now, the heat's enough to make us batty. It's only going to get worse in a month's time.

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