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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What's Happening at Washington School

You know I love old buildings. The Washington School in Manistee is at the dead end of 4th Avenue, so you see it as you drive down the street. All I can really find out about it is that it closed around 2005, and it was an elementary school.

Washington School Manistee

Something is being done to it. I hope it's going to find a new life, rather than being taken down. All the windows and frames have been removed.

It always seems so bold to put the name of the building in a permanent medium. I'm sure no one ever thought the school would close.

Washington School Manistee

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Lin said...

I hope it will be something cool--and that they try to keep some of the cool parts of the old building. Sad to see the school close, but nice to see the building re-used.

Shelly said...

I love the brick work. Something you don't see a lot of in Florida.

Hugs and chocolate,

Secondary Roads said...

It looks like . . . a school building. They look great on the outside, but the one I attended had turn-of-the-century (last century) insides. That included very high ceilings, which were okay in warm weather. It was not so good in winter.

Let's hope they repurpose the building. That's great.

vanilla said...

These old buildings look great and invoke nostalgia, but my observation has been that once they close they go through these stages: a)sitting idle, someone comes up with an "idea," b)that someone attempts to put the idea into action, and c) the overwhelming expense of bringing the facility up to code and operating its inefficient mechanics bankrupts the dreamer, then d) the building is razed.

Ann said...

oh I hope they are just fixing it and not tearing it down. It's a shame to see old building demolished. Be sure to update us when you find out

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