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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Finally Meeting Ewa

I have to take a break from Flower Show pictures to tell you about a hike today.

For over 10 years, Ewa Roszczenko (say EV-uh) and I have belonged to an on-line hiking group, but we'd never met in person. She's quite an adventurer, much more so than I am. She's a skier, mountain climber, backpacker. This weekend, she and some people from the Sierra Club planned to come here for the weekend and backpack from Ludington State Park into Nordhouse Dunes. I had things to do that kept me from going all weekend, but I hiked with them for a few miles and then turned back.

There was about an inch of snow that fell last night, and it was just enough to make things beautiful without making the hiking too difficult.

winter hike at Ludington State Park

First rest at the Big Sable Lighthouse, where we snagged another visitor to take our picture.

winter hike at Ludington State Park
Nordhouse is about 3 miles farther. From that point on we walked on the beach. The sand is frozen, so the walking is much better than in summer. The sun came out and made the sky and water blue. A lot of the time the wind off the water makes winter beach walking brutal, but it wasn't bad at all today. It was absolutely beautiful!

winter hike at Ludington State Park

I walked about another mile and a half before turning around. I hope I get to do other things with Ewa in the future!

winter hike at Ludington State Park

There's nothing like six miles in the sunshine with a person who shares many of your interests to provide cheer!

I just have to show you some other pictures from this walk tomorrow. There are some really interesting images.

See Two Lighthouses and a Trail
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rainfield61 said...

A world painted in white.

Ann said...

Nice that you were able to join them for part of the hike. Love that picture of the lighthouse.

Shelly said...

The lighthouse pic is beautiful.

Secondary Roads said...

I've never walked on frozen sand, but it does sound interesting.

vanilla said...

Except for the "snow" and "frozen" parts, it sounds wonderful!

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