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Sunday, March 3, 2013


More of the same, but no one is tired of it yet. We began today by going to Dave and Rachel's church. It was youth Sunday, and Anja was the Scripture reader. She's really growing up! She's checking the program one last time with her mom, Rachel.

church robes

Mia would rather stand over the hot air register and make funny faces. Being eight is great!

funny faces

The afternoon was filled with games and eating. We played more Tell Tale, and then Telephone Pictionary (see link to description of that), and then after supper more Bananagrams.


The people in the picture are L-R: Mia, Jay (Pam's oldest son, David's cousin- he also lives in Philly and came over for the afternoon), Anja, Pam (married to Marie's brother), Marie and me. Dave and Rachel are so gracious to let us completely take over their house for the weekend. We all have a great time, even though the space is small. It doesn't matter when people are having fun and helping each other.

Tomorrow is the flower show!

See Telephone Pictionary
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Secondary Roads said...

Bananagrams are fun.

Ann said...

I like the way Mia thinks. Standing over the register looks like fun to me too...lol

Lin said...

I'm with Mia---that looks like fun. :)

No house is too small when it's filled with fun and laughter.

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