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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Raccoon and Rabbit

This is one of our most common mammals, the raccoon, Procyon lotor. They are most often seen dead in the road (sorry about that). They are mostly, although not exclusively, nocturnal. Raccoons are extremely smart, and have dextrous front paws. Anyone who has tried to keep them out of garbage cans knows all about that! Their American cousins are animals like coatis, kinkajous, and ringtails. The raccoon is the only one in North America. It's easily recognizable with its black mask and striped tail.


This one was exploring the dirt road. I'm not sure what it was finding, but it kept walking back and forth. They are very curious.


Raccoons walk on the soles of their feet, like humans and bears. It's easy to see in these two pictures. That means they have good balance to stand on their hind legs. I just learned that the word for walking on the sole of the foot is plantigrade.


They can't run very fast, and always look awkward to me. Just an interesting rear view.

And the rabbit? Did you find it in yesterday's puzzle? I only saw it because the next thing it did was hop away!

rabbit in weeds

See Ellen and Joan Ride for a baby raccoon
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Mike said...

neat pictures

Lin said...

ooooh, there is the rabbit! Wow. I did not see it.

And the raccoon is a very naughty boy/girl....they like to visit Lin's pond and eat the snails...and the fish--leaving Lin really sad. :(

Secondary Roads said...

I did! I did see the rabbit. The deer made it "easy" to find. [almost]

Racoons like to raid the neighbors barn and steal the hens' eggs. Naughty, but cute.

Ann said...

I've seen lots of raccoon and have even hit a few (not intentionally of course)
Years ago we had a problem with them in our garbage. We started putting the garbage can in a shed that we had and the little critters would slide the doors open and still get in the garbage

RNSANE said...

I still see an amazing number of raccoons and skunks here on the peninsula gateway to San Francisco, even a few deer so the city is encroaching on any grazing area they might have.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.

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